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After buying her 4th house in 8 years, and surviving the 4th out of state move, Aileen decided that she was an expert real estate consumer and decided to become and expert real estate agent.

She obtained her license in 2007 and shortly thereafter, moved once again returning to Northern Kentucky where she has been selling real estate for HUFF Realty ever since.

“I have remodeled, landscaped, flipped, rented and sold real estate since my first purchase in 1995. I have an eye for a properties potential as well as its current value. Having been the buyer and the seller so many times myself I have huge empathy for my clients. The nurturing and service side of me compels me to educate and protect my clients, sharing every bit of experience I have accrued along my journey as a home owner and an agent.”

When Aileen originally became licensed in real estate, she also received her license as a loan originator. Though she has since chosen to focus solely on real estate sales, her knowledge of the lending process is an additional benefit to the clients she represents. Sometimes how a property is financed can make or break a deal and it has been and advantage on several occasions to her clients to have this extra skill employed.

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60 Cavalier Blvd, Florence, KY 41042
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