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At OM8, we invite you to be unapologetically you. A non-judgmental safe space where you can release stress and pause to listen to what your heart and body truly need. But, let’s be honest, it won’t take you long to notice… we are little different here.

We are an elemental yoga studio that focuses on classes we call the BASIC 8. These 8 styles of classes are inspired by and based on the four elements of Air, Wind, Earth and Fire. We like to keep it simple so you can find the class you desire. OM8 offers in-studio, live stream and video on demand classes so that we can meet you on the mat, wherever life leads you.

Just as Oxygen (the eight element of the periodic table) is essential to all life it is also core to sustaining all things around us. It enriches the soil and allows plants to grow, it is the binding element in Water (H20) and is the fuel that feeds the fire allowing it to grow and burn hotter. We believe that OM8 is a breath of fresh air in our community that feeds and binds the body, mind and soul just as it feeds and binds the elements on which our studio is based.

We allow the freedom needed to flow to the beat of our own drum…because, that’s just how we roll. At OM8 we believe that confidence on your mat and healing can occur simultaneously together. Our epic group of teachers have been chosen for amazing energy that ensures that each class is an experience in growth, calm, discovery and release.

Over the last few years we have realized how important community is to each of us. Building a health network is a main focus at OM8 Collective because we recognize the need for this missing element in our journey. We invite you to join our tribe which values genuineness and appreciation of each other and ourselves.

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Oakbrook Towne Center
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